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Manly Food, Wine & Sustainability Festival

Join our team at Manly this weekend (June 2 - 3, 2012) between 11:00am - 5:00pm for the annual Food, Wine & Sustainability Festival.

We'll be there to answer questions regarding solar and current solar industry trends, so take the opportunity to stop by our stall and say G'day!

Visit the Manly Council website for more information...

Solar power is produced free from the sun and can be used to power practically anything!

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Commercial Solar

As utility and operational costs continue to increase for businesses (with or without CPRS/Carbon tax implementation) and environmental compliance and green credentials become mandatory.

Businesses are now implementing energy efficient systems and strategies to assist in reducing costs, maximising profits and securing long-term financial sustainability.

Energy Efficient Homes

An energy efficient home combines construction and appliances with commercially available renewable energy systems, such as solar electricity and solar hot water heating. A combination of these will offset a home's energy use, improve lifestyle comforts and offer a financial saving over the lifetime of your home.

Whether you're looking at building and renovating, compliance to energy efficient regulations such as BASIX, or just retrofitting energy efficient systems to improve your lifestyle, reduce costs and your carbon foot print.

Independent Energy

Australia Wide Solar can help with design, photovoltaic modules, batteries, wind energy turbines & installation of any standalone project you are considering.

Solar photovoltaic is a mature technology with a long operating history, so performance and operating costs are highly predictable when compared to unproven new technologies. We build our systems to last with very little maintenance so a quality Australia Wide Solar system will last for many years.

Portable Power

Portable power is the means of generating electricity when being connected to a mains power grid is not an option. These scenarios may include while you're camping or travelling in your motorhome, the need to keep your marine battery charged while boating, or recharging equipment whilst camping.

So, if you're considering an alternative power supply option for your caravan, motorhome, boat or recreational vehicle, or just need to purchase components to build your own solution, come and talk to us.

Fully Accredited Systems

Each of our systems are designed and installed by a Clean Energy Council Accredited designer and installer. Our Solar Panels and Inverters are accredited by the Clean Energy Council as complying with all required Australian requirements.

Carbon Offset

By installing a solar energy system you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. A typical 2kW solar energy system can reduce your carbon emissions by as much as 33%.

High Efficient Solar Panels

Not only do we use quality solar panels and inverters, we have also selected panels that have amongst the highest efficiencies in the market for proven equipment. Our solar panels are guaranteed to have a module efficiency of up to 19%.

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