Press Release September 2015

All I want for Christmas is free energy for the rest of my life”

Ever thought it was possible to not pay a cent of electricity bill for the rest of your life? Never pay a cent for petrol/gas? Stop actively burning fossil fuel immediately? It is now a reality, and a NSW resident is about to life this dream, and the team at Australia Wide Solar will make this happen.
Few years ago, Australia Wide Solar designed and installed a 5kW off-grid system for a client Mr Warren Bolton at his property in Kulnura, NSW Central Coast to begin the free energy dream. This year, Mr Bolton wished to take a new step towards the dream: to be fuel free as of 2015, with his purchase of a Tesla Model S 85. With the transformation into a full electric car, Mr Bolton will start 2015 with no need for fuel, no need for gas and no need to buy electricity from the grid.


Australia Wide Solar with their engineering expertise has designed a unique off-grid upgrade for this property to not only power the property but also the power demands of the Tesla. With a unique combination of WINAICO Panels, SMA inverters, batteries and Tesla Connectors, engineers designed this system to directly charge the Lithium Ions of the Tesla and Lead Acid in the house during the day when the solar exposure is high, and reserve the battery pack for the night to meet the load demands.
“The unique thing about this entire system is that it is an AC bus system…” said Australia-Wide Solar, with the various electrical requirement especially with the electric car, AC coupling and phase shifting allowed for load matching for various requirements (i.e. high current charging needed for Tesla).


Incorporating 1 string of 24, 2000Ah lead acid batteries, total 11kW worth of solar panels and multiple inverters from SMA, Australia-Wide Solar will deliver the free energy dream for Mr Bolton by the end of 2014. The design ensured the supply to the customer with sufficient sizing of battery autonomy and photovoltaics. This provides reassurance for Mr Bolton for his energy security for both the Tesla and the future use of this property.
“I have always been excited by new technology, and I like to have the best of everything. Using the expertise of Australia-Wide Solar to design and install a photovoltaic system that will charge my Tesla S 85 at my off-grid farm is very reassuring” Warren Bolton (new Tesla owner).


With the weeks leading up to Christmas, the team from Australia-Wide Solar will be to finalise the design; to install the system on the roof top of the property; and to establish monitoring systems for the system and performance to deliver the best result for the client.
“By designing and installing a stand-alone photovoltaic system that powers a vehicle we can truly say it is emission free. Australia-Wide Solar has been at the cutting edge of solar photovoltaic deployment in Australia since 1992 and it is very pleasing to still be so.” Richard Keetley (Australia-Wide Solar, Managing Director).
The system is scheduled to be completed within a week, with it ready in time for the arrival of Christmas and the Tesla Model S 85, to deliver the ultimate Christmas gift of a free energy future for their client.


As a 100% subsidiary of the semiconductor company Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd., based in Taiwan, WINAICO manufactures and distributes crystalline high performance modules worldwide. Furthermore, as a systems house for photovoltaic, WINAICO delivers complete PV system packages.
Company customers are solar specialists, solar technologists, installation specialists and project developers. Installation specialists profit here from the superior product quality of products manufactured in Taiwan in accordance with the highest quality standards, as well as from the comprehensive consultation, planning and maintenance services from WINAICO. Generous stock levels ensure the rapid availability of WINAICO products.


Australia-Wide Solar has been at the cutting edge of solar photovoltaic deployment in Australia since 1992. Using only the high quality products with reliable designs by engineers, the expertise in Australia-Wide Solar provides clients with confidence in the services they provide and the systems they design.


Client: Warren Bolton
Location: Kulnura, NSW
Completion Date: December, 2014
Installer: Australia- Wide Solar
System Size: 11.2kW
Modules: 5kW WINAICO
Inverters: SWA

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