Key product features & benefits of Alpha Solar Storage / Solar Hybrid:

  • Store any excess kWh’s from your solar electric system to use later in the evening.
  • Advanced design and functionality that’s easily updated via the web
    • Free access to future updates!
  • A competitive price-point & user-friendly interface to show real-time profit.
    • 24-hour monitoring system Sample of data live reporting READ MORE
  • Free monitoring from Australia Wide Solar for quick response to any problems through remote diagnosis
  • Grid backup functionality that can allow essential loads to run on solar and/or batteries when the grid is down.
  • Comes in a custom built cabinet with interactive tablet built into the door.
  • Safe, reliable batteries including built-in battery management system (BMS) with multi-layered safety protections
  • Modular battery design – battery capacity can be sized to meet individual needs or for future expansion.
    • ‘Plug and play’ design for easy expansion – You Tube Video SEE MORE
  • S5 unit offer positions for 4 x 3kWh or 4.8kWh Batteries.
    • Where more than 4 are required, a Power Plug is required. See product detail below.

The Alpha Smile unit offers

  • Slim design
  • Outdoor rating
  • Back-Up Power
  • Outstanding charging and discharging capacity
  • Battery expansion
  • Time of use tariff programmable – Charge at night with off-peak then use during the expensive peak charge in the afternoon.
  • 5-year product warranty and an outstanding 10-year battery performance warranty
    • 1 product = 1 warranty with local field Technicians
  • AlphaESS offer one of very few DC coupled systems. This means a more efficient battery storage system.


Product details

Storion-S5 Alpha-ESS: SEE HERE


M4860 3kWh Battery: SEE HERE

M48100 4.8kWh Battery: SEE HERE

Alpha Smile 5: SEE HERE (NEW PRODUCT Booking October Installations)

Alpha Smile: MORE HERE

Storion Power Plug: SEE HERE

For more on Alpha.ESS: SEE HERE


What’s great about the feed-in tariff is that I can now go on holiday and my roof is still earning for me!

Solar power had been very expensive until the government more

Fraser, Balmain

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