Who is BYD?

BYD shipped over 100,000 electric vehicles globally in 2016, making BYD larger than any other competitor. BYD don’t just make a range of stylish Electric cars, they also manufacture buses, taxis, commercial and mining vehicles.With over 220,000 employees and backed by Warren Buffett, the $16 billion BYD is the quiet giant of the battery storage industry.
1The BYD B-Box HV series is a sleek and stylish solution that is perfect for the average sized Australian household.  BYD’s modular architecture means households get a storage solution that’s exactly what they need.

Australia Wide Solar will be offering HV options from 5.6 kWh to 10.08 kWh.

The modularity of the B-Box also provides flexibility and the capability for the homeowner to add additional storage at a later date. The BYD HV system would be partnered up with a SMA SBS and we suggest adding a REPOSIT meter to deliver the best returns.

The B-Box HV product is designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors and is very quick and easy to install, keeping it very competitive and flexible.

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Product On Display below with the SMA SBS