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Australia Wide Solar use solar photovoltaic technology to produce clean electricity directly from sunlight.

Every day, we're harvesting the sun to help transform the world to meet its energy needs sustainably.

As utility and operational costs continue to increase for businesses (with or without CPRS/Carbon tax implementation) and environmental compliance and green credentials become mandatory, businesses are now implementing energy efficient systems and strategies to assist in reducing costs, maximising profits and securing long-term financial sustainability.

The future costs of electricity are unpredictable but are forecast to continue increasing dramatically over the foreseeable future. With solar systems having a design life of several decades, solar can provide predictable savings long beyond the term of any energy supply contract.

Australia Wide Solar has 20 years of experience in installing solar electric systems for hundreds of grid connect systems, off-grid systems and have been involved in numerous commercial installations.

Community Clubs & Venues

From local bowling clubs, golf clubs, to community halls. Many community orientated businesses have large electricity costs from operating lighting and other consumables. Australia Wide Solar can help reduce these costs by designing and installing a solution to meet your specific needs.

Local Councils & Governments

Australia Wide Solar is ovbiously very passionate about the environment, therefore, we welcome any opportunity to work with local councils and governments to help create sustainable communities. We can develop solutions for almost any need, from independant lighting in places such as parks, public gazebos or barbeque areas right back to council works depots and department buildings.

National Solar Schools Program

At Australia Wide Solar we understand what is required to gaining funding for your school and will guide you through every stage of the process from registration through to installation and aftercare.

Visit our National Solar Schools Program page to learn more.

Benefits of Going Solar

Highly modular and scalable to fit load requirements, available space, and transmission capacity, as a source of electricity, solar PV compares favourably to other types of renewable generation.

Solar electric systems generate power often at times that will reduce peak load periods, providing a cleaner alternative to fossil-fuel powered plants and reduce the power bills peak demand. Solar photovoltaic is a mature technology with a long operating history, so performance and operating costs are highly predictable when compared to unproven new technologies.
Environmental Sustainability
Zero-emissions and quiet enough to be located on or near inhabited locations. Every kW of solar power produced from your solar electric system can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2 tonnes per annum.
This provides a measurable benefit to the global reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. The greenhouse gas reduction figures can also be promoted by the company on its website, in its corporate or promotional marketing material and internal and external communications.
Marketing and Environmental Leverage
The intangible benefits of promoting an organisation's green credentials can be significant and powerful. Solar power is a highly visible and measurable commitment to the environment, however, more and more companies are now using their green credentials as a competitive tool when responding to government and large tenders, and bidding for contracts.

How To Maintain Your Solar Panels

Once you have your solar electric or solar hot water system installed, you'll find the solar panels to be fairly maintenance free. Most are rated for a long 25+ year lifetime, although it's not uncommon for them to become dirty over time.

Dust, bird droppings, pollen or lichen can build up on your solar panels and result in a loss of efficiency.

We recommend cleaning your solar panels at least twice a year, generally, after winter once the rainy season is over, and again before summer to take full advantage of the upcoming sunlight.

Visit SolMate to find out more about solar panel maintenance.