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rookwood-cemetary-05Standalone Power Systems are employed in locations without utility grid connection and for portable power needs. It’s a good solution in an area where running a line to the local utility grid is prohibitively expensive, or an area where blackouts and brownouts are relatively common. With an off-grid system, your Standalone Power System would supply the power for a cabin, signage, home, business, plant equipment or custom build.

Bespoke Power Systems typically require custom design so it’s necessary to think of the entire picture, down to each light bulb. Designing a Standalone Power System is generally site and load specific so custom design work is required by one of our qualified standalone CEC accredited team members.



I wished to take a new step towards the dream: to be fuel free as of 2015, with my purchase of a Tesla Model S 85. I started 2015 with no ..read more

Mr Warren Bolton, Kulnura. Powering my: Farm, Home and Tesla Electric Car

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