Reduce your energy costs and take a huge step toward meeting your sustainability goals. Join the nation’s most sustainable corporations by switching to clean, more affordable energy. The installation of a Solar System will see you effectively taking back control of rising energy bills with a solution that will reduce your energy costs while giving you a competitive edge over your opposition.

It’s important to us you understand the entire process of installing solar. Australia Wide Solar will take the time to review the right solution from initial consultation to installation, through to monitoring and maintenance.

Every business is as unique as the team that runs it. From small offices to complex infrastructures, we’ll create a solution that’s great for your bottom line. By reviewing the energy profile and location variables, then listening to the financial goals, Australia Wide Solar is able to calculate the size of system most appropriate. Don’t always assume that a north facing system is best for your situation Read More

Solar PV generates power often at times that will reduce peak load periods, providing a cleaner alternative to fossil-fuel powered plants and reduce the power bills peak demand. Solar PV is a mature technology with a long operating history, so performance and operating costs are highly predictable when compared to unproven new technologies.

Why use Australia Wide Solar for your Commercial Solar Power project?

  • Australia Wide Solar has a long track record of quality installations since 1992. We have many commercial systems available as case studies; often past commercial clients are pleased to show off the systems to new prospective customers.
  • Our network of independent suppliers encompasses global partners who are prominent and competitive. All our partners are well resourced and have the experience to meet any large-scale commercial solar energy installation. Warranty support is such a critical part of any product purchase. We only deal with companies that have local Australian warranty support.
  • Australia Wide Solar has a team of highly experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds in renewable energy, engineering, finance and design.
  • As we are impartial with regards to product we can offer the best solution and product to match your needs.
  • Australia Wide Solar offers a full range of finance option to match the needs of your business.
    Every member of our highly qualified team is focussed on providing industry leading services, using only carefully selected, premium quality components and materials which are appropriate for each application. This extends from premium solar panels, right down to each nut, bolt, connector, cable and isolator through all of our installations.


For Solar Electric Systems in the AusGrid area over 30kW – Grid protection is required. Make sure this is being considered in your calculations, all Australia Wide Solar quotes will have this included a part of the design.. for more information see here

Have your Solar PV system Maintained, Cleaned or Expanded by an expert installer with many years of quality installations
SolMate agreement found Here


What’s great about the feed-in tariff is that I can now go on holiday and my roof is still earning for me!

Solar power had been very expensive until the government more

Fraser, Balmain

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