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SolarArk solar hot water products are classified as solar thermal systems used to convert the suns energy for water heating. It is also classified as “Active Solar Technologies”, maximising performance through the use of the SolarArk energy smart solar controller capable of harvesting all available thermal energy converting it to usable hot water. SolarArk solar controller is designed and programmed to reduce the effect of stagnation and increase the solar collectors’ efficiency. Our collectors incorporates the use of evacuated tube with special selective coating to reduce radioactive losses and enhance performance at the same time providing our customers with the most affordable equipment.

How Solar Hot Water Works

solar ark how it works

SolarArk products are classified as solar thermal systems used to convert the suns energy for water heating. This increases our countries energy security while reducing dependence on fossil Fuels & reduces pollution.

As a result SolarArk joined the effort to make this technology available to homeowners at a low cost. In addition to life cycle costs being reduced substantially at the end of a few years depending on your usage. Our affordable price is designed to encourage more homeowners to become part of the solution by creating a negative carbon footprint and decreasing the yearly carbon production by 8 tons per year, equivalent to removing two automobiles from the road.(i.e. for a family of four).

Roof top collector dimensions: SEE HERE

When homeowners have joined the green revolution with their first purchase of our solar thermal water heater, we welcome them on their way to doing their part in preserving our planet.

Solar Roof Vents

Solar heat causes elevated heat in roof but SolarArk Vents continuously exchanges roof air to avoid heat build up.

Homes, Cabins,
Workshops, Factories,
Warehouses, Animal enclosures,
Sheds, Schools, Halls, Office Spaces.

solar ark how it works vent

Product Information

Residential Brochure: READ MORE – Typical System cost will be $5,200

Solar Roof Vents: READ MORE – Australia Wide Solar Retails the SAV20 for $629 + $165 install on a standard Tile roof.


What’s great about the feed-in tariff is that I can now go on holiday and my roof is still earning for me!

Solar power had been very expensive until the government more

Fraser, Balmain

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