315 neon2How much energy does the average swimming pool use?

How much energy does the average swimming pool use?
The answer is lots – by adding Solar PV you will keep power bills under control.

Come and see us at the SPASA Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo for more information. We have partnered up with LG and AlphaESS to demonstrate the best of both Solar Panels and Solar Storage.

Reducing energy consumption and associated emissions fits the bill. We focus on swimming pools because we can reduce the energy consumption quite significantly by running pumps when the sun is shining. Pools can be set to run during your peak solar production hours for the best savings!
CaptureEvery individual pool will use a different amount of energy but a commonly referenced figure is that for homes with swimming pools – typically 30% of the energy use will be associated with the pool. Because your pool used energy during the evening perhaps also we can help with solar Storage.

That’s an average of 7kWh per day, compared with typical household total electricity consumption from 15 kWh for small (1-2 person) dwellings through to 30 kWh/day for larger families. That’s a lot of electricity to being used to keep the water clean when compared with the energy use across rest of the home that provides hot water, lighting, heating, entertainment, refrigeration of food and cleaning of clothes.

Depending on the time of day that your pool runs and your individual electricity tariff a typical pool could use anywhere from $300 to $1250 per year worth of electricity.

Most people don’t realise, your typical pool uses about the same amount of electricity as your hot water service, and 5 times as much as your average fridge or washing machine each year.
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SPASA Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo

Australia Wide Solar is proud to be the exclusive Solar PV partner at the Pool ans Spa Show. For more on the show SEE HERE

The Best Place To Shop & Do Your Homework. A pool, spa and outdoor entertaining area is a considerable investment and when it comes to planning your project also consider your running costs.
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Bring along your power bill and see how much you can save.


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What’s great about the feed-in tariff is that I can now go on holiday and my roof is still earning for me!

Solar power had been very expensive until the government ..read more

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