I had 12 of the ‘SunPower Maxeon 3 400W’ solar panels with SolarEdge Solar Inverter, making a 4.8kW system, installed by Australia Wide Solar (AW Solar) in November 2020. One month after installation I received a phone call from AW Solar telling me they have noticed an issue with my batch of solar panels and upon notifying the manufacturer SunPower they have been advised to replace my solar panels. At this stage the panels on my roof had been working flawlessly for a month. A few weeks after this phone call the panels did indeed start to show signs of performance issue. AW Solar came and replaced the panels (returning the old ones back to the manufacturer) with new units. When was the last time you ever received such pre-emptive brilliant service as this? A massive thank you to both SunPower and AW Solar for identifying this issue not only promptly, and most importantly in advance of the issue even being noticed by me, but then quickly fixing the problem free of charge at their earliest convenience. I have now had all of 2021 with the solar system and these Maxeon 3 panels are incredible. Firstly, these panels don’t have those ribbons as a back contact, so they look much sleeker without those grid lines. Also, as these panels are 400W each, you need less roofing and less panels to capture your desired energy levels. At the peak of summer I have seen these panels capture 5.3 kW, way above the reported 4.8 kW they’re marketed as. I monitor the panels energy production, and my household usage, using the SolarEdge App. In 2019 (the year before I had the system installed in November 2020) my electricity bill was $1,895. At worse case scenario, my electricity bill for 2021 will be $700. This means I will totally pay off the cost of this system in 9 years (and this includes the extra electrical work prior to AW Solar beginning their installation). Every household is different and your return on investment will be different to mine. I am thrilled with my decision to select these Maxeon 3 panels and I am equally thrilled at having selected AW Solar as my installer, their team is very friendly and always promptly answers all my questions. These panels are so spectacular, and work so amazingly well, I have now returned back to AW Solar and will get them to install a Tesla Powerwall. I didn’t think twice about engaging any other installer for this task but AW Solar’s friendly team.

Chris Scoufis – Google

Job well done. Great outcome

Denis JEAN-BAPTISTE – Google

Australia Wide Solar recently installed solar panels and Tesla Powerwall 2 at my house and I couldn’t be happier. The team designed a bespoke system that fit our family’s energy needs and worked with the design and layout of our roof as well as our budget. At installation, a large team or workers and electricians descended upon our home and installed the whole system in one day! We are now living off of renewable power and loving it.

James Vanasek – VN Capital Management

Fantastic customer service and products. Getting our solar panels and Powerwall installed was seamless.

Murray Grange – Google

Australia Wide Solar were not the cheapest, but they used so much time and skill and research, for me the end result was even better than I had hoped

Sir Michal Leeman-Smith – Google

We give Australia Wide Solar five stars. Why? Professionalism and Quality. From quotation to installation they know their business.

Mary O’Connor – Google

The Australia Wide Solar team were all very unassuming, efficient, professional and clearly subject matter experts in their field of work.

Iain Cottrell – Google

Had my system installed over 10 years ago and it’s still running at an excellent shape. Customer service is great and the team is always available.

Bernardo Roque – Google

We used Australia Wide Solar to install a new PV and Tesla Powerwall system for us earlier this year and the team were absolutely amazing to deal with.

Jason Hill – Google

The solar generation and storage has functioned very effectively. We recommend Australia Wide Solar to anyone who wishes to use solar energy.

Steve W – Google

Excellent services and best products. Australia Wide Solar is best Solar company. We got maximum use of our roof.

Thuy Baierl – Google

Extremely tricky installation with a requirement for first class precision and finishes. I could not be more delighted with my Tesla Powerwall.

Ozzie B – Google