Real knowledge from real solar people

How do you attach panels to the roof?

Decades in the industry have provided us with the capacity to install on any roof type maintaining structural integrity and asthetics. We also have a weighted ballast system, designed to sit on a flat roof without holes. Read more…

What is a Kilowatt Hour (kWH)?

All electrical appliances use energy, measured in watts. A kilowatt is 1000 Watts of energy. A kWH is the total amount of kilowatts your solar system will generate each hour.

Whats is an Inverter?

An Inverter turns your solar energy into useable electrical energy. It is a very critical part of your system that should balance your solar generation with your energy independence goals.

What is the warranty like on your products?

We carefully select our Partners to ensure, they offer quality product assurance and comply with their warranty terms, but more importantly that claiming on a warranty is fuss-free with a quick turnaround time

How much does shading effect my solar system?

Shading can play a big part in the overall production of your system. A small bit of shade can effect an entire array. Thankfully some of our partners have stepped up and we now have various solutions to overcome your shading concerns.

What is Load Shifting?

Load shifting is the smart battery solution of the future. It considers and automatically adjusts settings based on factors like your power usage, weather forecasts and cheaper tariffs to reduce your energy costs.

Can I monitor my Solar System?

All systems we install come with a monitoring solution so that you know your investment is working. We can also install additional monitoring equipment that allows you to see how much energy your house is consuming.

Is there any ongoing maintenace with my solar?

With good quality equipment there is very little maintenance, most of the maintenance we find is due to lichen build up and nesting animals in your area.

Will solar increase the value of my home or business?

People these days are very mindful about energy efficency when it comes to purchasing things, we expect that a home or business that already offers free energy will encourage more value to a potential buyer.

Do you offer Finance

Yes. We have partnered with Wisers to bring you finance packages for your next solar project.