download (1)Solar energy is converted into electricity and fed into the public grid. Efficient, reliable, high power inverters form the heart of any PV system. In the development of PV inverters, Fronius has thought out new technologies, searched for innovative solutions, and has found completely new answers. The result: Highly functional mains-connected inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules.


Extended Warranties

Fronius offers extended warranties of up to 20 years for its inverters. This includes the inverter series Fronius IG, Fronius IG Plus, Fronius IG TL as well as Fronius IG central inverters and Fronius CL.

Fronius Range5+5 YEAR WARRANTY

For all string inverters installed & registered free until December 31, 2018

Terms and conditions apply: Find out more


Retrofit an existing solution or install a complete new system, the choice is yours! You can now quickly and easily enhance your system with an LG Chem RESU storage system and thereby maximise your self-consumption rate. This is because the Fronius Symo Hybrid is now also compatible with the LG storage system, which means you can now efficiently store excess energy from the photovoltaic system in the LG Chem RESU7H (6.6 kWh of usable capacity) or LG Chem RESU10H (9.3 kWh of usable capacity). This works with both newly installed and existing systems. MORE HERE

fronius-smart-meterEver wanted to track your power usage in real time?

Fronius Smart Meter (single phase or 3-phase) are energy meters with ModBus RTU / RS 485 communication. It is needed for measuring the load and energy fed into the grid.  Thanks to the Fronius Smart Meter, you can. Breaking down how much power you produce, use and export back to the grid, it’s the smart way to monitor your energy.


What’s great about the feed-in tariff is that I can now go on holiday and my roof is still earning for me!

Solar power had been very expensive until the government more

Fraser, Balmain

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