Established in 2006 and publicly listed on the NYSE in 2010, JinkoSolar Co., Ltd. is a rapidly growing, vertically integrated photovoltaic module manufacturer with a total annual capacity exceeding 4 GW and over 9 GW of modules deployed worldwide, including 1 GW in North America. Global presence includes 14 full-service regional offices, sales in 38 countries, and over 10,000 employees. JinkoSolar has a proven track record of being best in its class, delivering high efficiency modules with a comprehensive 25 year warranty.

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The Power of Positive Quality

The Positive Quality™ program gives you piece of mind when buying solar panels. Jinkos’s experts have been over Positive Quality™ solar panels in detail.
Only the best panels make it though.

Not all Solar Panels are the Same
The quality of solar panels imported into Australia, even from big name brands, can be variable.
Panels are often built to meet a price, rather than long-term performance.
So how do you tell the difference?

Your Mark of Quality – SEE HERE
That is why the Australian Solar Council has spent so much time developing the Positive
Quality™ program.
Independent solar experts audit and inspect solar panels as they are being made for the
Australian market.
Jinko completed an intensive 100-point factory check.
Checking the quality of the materials, the manufacturing process, and the end product.
Jinko subjected finished panels to a battery of tests, and random audits are conducted up to 4
times a year.
Choose Positive Quality™CaptureInsist on Positive Quality™ solar panels.
The only panels that have been fully checked by the experts at the Australian Solar Council.
The Solar Council is a not for profit orginsation dedicated to the best solar outcome for Australia.

Jinko Smart Modules

Perfect for Large Scale Projects
Jinko Maximized modules can lower the cost and enhance the financial performance of large PV projects by improving the system density. The module’s built-in shade tolerance can accommodate closer row spacing enabling more production per square meter . This not only cost-effectively maximizes production in constrained areas, but also amortizes fixed costs over larger nameplate capacity lowering cost per watt. Jinko Maximized will deliver consistently more power to the off-taker and greater profits for the system owner. READ MORE

Also Ideal for Residential
Jinko Maximized modules can produce the most energy possible regardless of home orientation or shading issues, without the complexity of DC Optimizers or added expense of Microinverters. Because MPPT for each cell string is embedded into the fabric of these modules, system design can be simplified while still utilizing the industry’s most trusted brands of string inverters. Installation is identical to that of standard modules and requires no internet configuration so shade tolerance can be included without retraining crews or slowing installation. Jinko Maximized is the perfect solution for today’s high-volume residential installers. READ MORE

Product Details

Jinko 300W M-60 – SEE HERE

TR P-type Mono-facial 66M 350-370 Watt – SEE HERE

Jinko Warranty – SEE HERE (From 1st July 2019)