Why should I install Nu-Lok Solar Roofing Inserts?1


When you install NuLok Solar Inserts you’ll be able to benefit from producing clean electricity directly into your own property from day one. With rapidly depleting oil stores, a NuLok Solar Insert system will mean that in the future you can protect yourself from rising energy prices while protecting the environment from carbon emissions.2

NuLok site page is a great place to visit to see an installed version of the product.

By installing Nu-Lok solar roofing you will become a clean energy provider and profit from the experience! Any extra electricity you generate with your NuLok Solar Inserts could be sold back to the national grid. International studies now show that home buyers will pay more for your environmentally sound home, making your Nu-Lok solar system a solid future investment.

NuLok Solar Inserts are sleek and hardly visible from the ground, so if you are building or renovating these might be an option for consideration.

Solar Insert Data sheet: SEE HERE

Solar Tile insert Photo – SEE HERE & SEE HERE

Standard Solar Panel Attachment

At times customers elect to attached standard solar panels to a Nu-Lok roof. This is possible as seen below:IMG_1048IMG_1047