From design to procurement to installation.

We’re all about your energy independence.

Three decades of service have earned us the capability, supply network, and experience to make your dream solar system a reality.

Real energy design. Real energy knowledge.

Real energy independence

Serious expertise

Three decades in solar means building a full-time team of engineers for every job.

Real technical knowledge

Engineered solutions

Our design, procurement and installation process is backed by engineering design.

Real solar quality

Tailored Systems

Nothing is straight off the shelf, every system is tailored to your circumstances and needs.

Real purpose-built

Wide Experience

Unparalleled experience means we’ve learnt the hard lessons and avoid the usual traps.

Real execution capacity

Manufacturer partnerships

We choose quality manufacturers who’ve been tested over time and are building the future.

Real product satisfaction

Real peace of mind.

Your system and installation are backed with the certainty that we’re here for the long haul.

Real peace of mind

Physical presence

We’re not just a website. We have offices, warehouse and a design studio – we’re really here to stay.

Real customer service


We focus on clients, but we’re also proud that to be recognised by the industry as real solar experts.

Real solar innovation

Warrantied quality

We only work with suppliers who have proven records honouring warranties, and we guarantee all our work.

Real guaranteed solar

We really do all kinds of solar

Professionalism, expertise and networks mean we work across the spectrum of solar energy independence.

Real solar engineering is in our bones

We apply the rigour and quality of a big engineering approach to every solar service and installation.


Our full-time, dedicated engineering team lead an independent design process that puts your budget, circumstances and outcomes squarely at the centre.

Designed for you


We leverage decades of relationship and experience with suppliers to get behind the promises and into the procurement, so that all hardware is tested, trusted and backed.

Sourced for you


Professional project management, real-time communication, plus the right experience and team to make your install on-time, fit-for purpose, and backed by guarantee.

Installed for you

Real solar people

Our directors bring a lifelong passion for solar energy independence to their leadership and work.

Stewart Everitt

Stewart Everitt

Stewart is driven by a passion for solar energy independence and finding the right results for the right customers.

Bringing experience in a global telco to bear, Stewart values strong business partnerships and rigorous quality assurance.

A decade of corporate life sparked the desire to make a bigger impact, and Stewart teamed up with long-time school friend and co-director Richard Keetley.

Richard Keetley

Richard Keetley

Power from sunlight is something special to Richard, and he’s been steeped in solar as the technology has evolved and matured.

Richard brings a serious approach to process and quality, learned in an earlier career in international management consulting and banking after a Bachelor degree from UNSW.

Richard competes in triathlon and brings some of the same efficiency and focus to his work making solar part of our energy future.