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Our Capabilities & years of experience installing solar systems have taught us the best and safest methods for installation and our systems are attached to roofs using only the best hardware, ensuring a seamless integration. We have built a solid reputation for finding solutions that match each client’s power needs and budget. We have fully CEC accredited solar engineer/ designers with many small and large projects under their belts. Our licensed electricians also have CEC accreditation for grid connections.
We include safety measures and protection against lightning, which consists of the following to make it work effectively:

  • Proper grounding of the tower and equipment
  • Proper routing, shielding and grouping of cables and equipment
  • Effective lightning and surge arrestors

As a designer and installer of solar electric modules and systems since 1992, Australia Wide Solar has the experience and expertise you can count on. We are recognised by both industry and government as a market leader in providing innovative and effective solar solutions.

clean energy council memberQuality Solutions at Affordable Prices

All of our solar systems are quality products, built to last, and priced competitively to other high-end systems on the market. We have partnered up with world leading Suppliers

IMG_5753Ongoing Service and Support

We can custom-design any solution to suit the needs of your home, vehicle or business. Our experienced team of technicians are highly experienced and are always available to provide ongoing technical support. We offer a full after sales service we call SolMate
Renewable, responsible energy in your home, on the road, or in your community, so, whether you need full rooftop systems (on or off grid), solar components, camping kits, or solar hot water systems…
We’ve got you covered!


Australia Wide Solar has a proven track record since 1992 focusing on everything from providing leading product, design through to complete system installation and maintenance. We work closely with leading organisations to validate the most efficient technologies.

Whether dealing with home, commercial solar systems or off-grid sites, we always strive to add to our already considerable store of photovoltaic expertise. To that end, we lean on our global partners who are major players in the solar industry.

By integrating technologies & partners, capabilities & expertise across the entire solar value chain, Australia Wide Solar delivers more reliable, dependable and cost-effective PV energy solutions. We take a holistic approach to maximizing energy output throughout the product lifecycle to increase system-level yields.
Our CapabilitiesAustralia Wide Solar takes the hassle out of constructing, owning, operating and financing solar electricity through proper management of:

  • Grid integration
  • Design and Engineering
  • Project development
  • Project Finance
  • Maintenance & Repairs


Our speciality is meeting our customers’ needs. Many of our customers, including our large commercial and government clients have contracted us repeatedly over the years to install systems after being satisfied with our service and attention to detail. We have a team of photovoltaic engineers that design and oversee the installation of all our systems – some examples of our scope of works can be found here


What’s great about the feed-in tariff is that I can now go on holiday and my roof is still earning for me!

Solar power had been very expensive until the government ..read more

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