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WINAICO is a manufacturer of high-performance crystalline photovoltaic panels as well as provider of photovoltaic systems. As a subsidiary of Win Win Precision Technology which is headquartered in Taiwan, we have access to many years of experience as well as to the latest discoveries in semiconductor technology. Read More



Since 1985 SunPower has been leading global solar innovation. SunPower solar panels consistently deliver more energy and long-term peace of mind with the highest performing solar power systems available.Read More


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INDEPENDENT, INTELLIGENT, CONVENIENT PV systems allow you to become more independent from rising electricity costs and to move away from conventional energy carriers. Therefore, count on the sustainable and decentralized energy supply of the future. Without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The intelligent solutions from SMA make energy consumption affordable, manageable and reliable. Read More



JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is a global leader in the solar industry, delivering key technologies that are lowering the cost of solar for everyone. Australia’s first bank financed solar farm was built using JinkoSolar modules, and now across Australia you can find JinkoSolar panels everywhere from Ayers Rock Resort to IKEA. READ MORE



AlphaESS provides an excellent energy storage system, which integrates one smart Energy Management System (EMS) controller, one hybrid inverter and several battery modules. This system can be used for new PV installation or retrofit of existing PV system. Read More



Solar Analytics is smart monitoring to make the most of your home energy solution. MORE HERE


Tesla Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. Automated, compact and simple to install, Powerwall enables you to maximize self-consumption of solar power generation. MORE HERE


RepositAccreditedPartnerLogo_CMYKReposit makes your energy smarter. You get a lower electricity bill and the world gets a cleaner electricity system. Reposit makes a home with solar and batteries intelligent. The system learns daily energy patterns for reduced reliance on the grid. It will automatically buy off-peak and sell back when the grid is short of power. READ MORE


Opal Solar

Named after an Australian Precious Gem. The Opal Solar Panel + Opal Storage is backed by one of the largest solar companies in Australia. Opal Solar has quickly become one of the leading panels sold in Australia. MORE HERE



LG Chem provides Advanced BESS which is the core device of the future power business through world’s best manufacturing facilities and technology. We present solutions to meet customers’ needs and offer differentiated values through high performance, long life, and safety. READ MORE



CaptureThe SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly efficient PV inverters and a Web platform for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The SolarEdge system enables harvesting more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the known system constraints. MORE HERE


downloadBYD technology offers a modular, flexible design and can be easily tailored to meet a diverse set of customer needs.  Founded in 1995, BYD is a listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Engaged in IT industry mainly related to rechargeable battery business. Currently, BYD has nearly 180,000 employees and 22 industrial parks in global with an area nearly 17,000,000 square meters. MORE HERE


One footprint, two solutions – Supreme Heating’s revolutionary Heatseeker DualSun is a hybrid panel which simultaneously produces solar electricity and heated water for your swimming pool.
Established in 1990, Supreme Heating is a proud Australian owned company – MORE HERE



Kyocera is a diversified and ethically driven Japanese manufacturer of quality solar products since 1975. Kyocera’s own innovation gives Kyocera complete control over every step of the manufacturing process. This means that you can count on Kyocera products  SEE HERE

provides the world’s most advanced microinverter technology for solar systems. Our solution combines innovation in power electronics, networking, and web-based software to make solar systems smarter and more efficient. Read More


Schletter Australia Pty Ltd. - Electric mobility - Environmental technology - Sports equipment For over 30 years Schletter has offered its customers across the globe solutions for solar mounting systems.Regardless if it is a customized product or a large project – everything is possible at once! By integrating a variety of high-end industrial fabrication methods for light metal, stainless steel and steel.


img_logoRinnai has an extensive range of hot water systems that cater for all Australian households. Each range has specific and unique benefits including high efficiency, water conservation, safety, versatility as well as guaranteed reliability. MORE HERE


imgresThe Tigo Energy System provides more energy, active management and enhanced safety for solar arrays. Tigo Energy’s innovative combination of hardware and software increases

the output of solar arrays by up to 20%, enables module-level monitoring and alerts,

improves safety with module level deactivation. MORE HERE



24H sun is the Fronius vision of how energy will be supplied in the coming decades. The Fronius Symo Hybrid is a major step towards this vision. Boasting power categories ranging from 3.0 to 5.0 kW, the transformerless inverter allows unused energy from a photovoltaic system to be stored in a battery. The result: maximum self-consumption of the available power and maximum energy independence. MORE HERE



Having served both the commercial and leisure marine sectors as well as vehicle and industrial markets for over 30 years,Victron has an established network of dealers and distributors covering the whole world. Read More.



CaptureTo accomplish a revolution, Zeversolar combine the best of two worlds: Chinese efficiency and German quality standards. Since 2013, Zeversolar have become a part of the world´s leading manufacturer of inverters for photovoltaic systems: SMA. READ MORE


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The Clenergy PV-ezRack ® is designed for residential and commercial applications. This system allows installation on tile and tin roofs, as well as pitched and flat roofs and ground mount. Corrosion resistance is achieved through anodised structural grade aluminium and stainless steel components. READ MORE




The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia. We have been installing solar since 1992 at the forefront of the solar revolution. The CEC represent and work with hundreds of leading businesses operating in solar, wind, energy efficiency, hydro, bioenergy, energy storage, geothermal and marine. They are committed to accelerating the transformation of Australia’s energy system to one that is smarter and cleaner.



Solar Roof Tiles integrate seamlessly into your roof, minimising the solar panel visual impact. If you are renovating or building, consider this option to maintain street appeal. Read More



LG CI_3D_cmyk_Standard_TaglineLG has been manufacturing electrical goods since 1958 and have one of most stringent quality control procedures when manufacturing their solar cells and solar modules.The LG brand name is already widely recognised as one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of white goods, mobile phones, and other electronics in the world, and its reputation carries over easily to its solar product lines.


Huawei integrates the latest digital and internet technology with residential solar technology. Bringing you optimised PV (Solar) power generation, built-in plug and play battery interface and smart home energy management. MORE HERE