About Enphase

Established in 2006 and ever since then we have been able to start from start-up to global energy technology innovator.
As the world’s leading clean energy solution provider, Emphase made a new and better way to make solar energy smarter and more affordable.

We listen to our customers and measure our success based on their feedback and we tell the truth at all times without making excuses. We value innovation and recognize that, it is the cornerstone of our existence.

Enphase Product Showcase


Solar panels on your roof absorb sunshine but its whats tucked beneath each panel. Microinverters produce power that can be directly connected to your appliances energy supply.


The brains of the system, gathering data from your microinverters and delivering it to Enlighten software. PRoviding 2 way communication giving you an overview and fault notifications.


Your window into your home energy. It turns Envoy’s data into an easy-to-use interface that lets you track your system’s production and see your home energy usage.