About LG

Established in 1958 LG has since led the way into the advanced digital era and their expertise have led to many solar energy technology discoveries as well as there well known home electronics product range.

LG’s solar modules being considered as an important growth engine for the LG Group led to the production of solar modules when the LG central research laboratory started research on solar technologies.

LG electronics has unveiled many new products and has a vision is to become the market leading company with broad market recognition. They continue to develop as the global leading company through seeking greater public benefits founded in cooperation, mutual trust, and respect for the free market economy.

LG Product Showcase

More energy for longer

Solar panels lose their energy generating efficency over time. Standard panels lose nearly 20% over 25 years. Current generation LG NeON 2 panels will give you close to 10% more output at year 25.

They look great

LG residential panels have a matte black frame and black cell finish resulting in that high-end sleek addition to any home. Combined with all the technology LG offers home owners asthetics and energy in one.

Award winners

Internationally recognised and highly respected. The LG product range has won multiple awards including the Intersolar Awards in Germany for Photovoltaic Innovation, 3 times.