About PowerPlus

PowerPlus Energy’s management team has over 80 years experience in battery storage, renewable energy, UPS, manufacturing and engineering.  Founded in August 2017 and based Melbourne Australia, PowerPlus Energy has strong financial backing enabling innovative solutions that will be appreciated for years to come.

PowerPlus Energy works with partners globally to bring the right solutions to market, manufactured both locally and overseas allowing PowerPlus Energy to service the ever growing global demand for battery storage and is proud of its commitment to Australian manufacturing where currently the production of the 2RU19 LiFe, Eco and Wall Series products are constructed.

PowerPlus Product Showcase

LiFe Premium

Reliability that you would expect from a premium product offering you superior performance, for all your commercial, residential and custom applications.

Eco Series

The Eco Series offers an affordable solution whilst maintaining reliability and durability, the Eco Series allows you confidence that your energy will keep powering any application

Rack System

The Rack Series is designed for indoor use and providing up to 80kWhrs in one cabinet. Scaling is not an issue, simply add more enclosures to suit the your storage requirements.

PowerPlus Documents