About Reposit

Reposit was born out of a desire to enlighten people on how to start their energy storage journey, when to use energy storage and how much it will cost.

Reposit was founded to first monitor energy usage to help assess if batteries are right for human use.

For households without solar power and houses with solar power, Reposit helps them to view and track their home energy costs, audit their energy bill, monitor individual circuits and assess if solar and batteries are right for them.

Reposit Product Showcase

Smart load shifting

The smart system that learns your energy usage patterns and monitors weather reports for your area and if need be purchase cheap energy from the grid to make up the difference.


Reposit is the first step to home automation. Any additional energy you use will be utilised on large power appliances ensuring no wasted energy from your system.


See your real-time and predicted household usage, energy costs, solar generation and battery state of charge and get alerts that will help reduce your energy costs even further.

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