About Schletter

The Schletter Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar mounting systems and a global network of distribution and service companies . They develop and manufacture aluminium and steel mounting systems for solar farms, flat roofs and pitched roofs. For over 50 years the name Schletter has stood for first class quality in metal processing.

Schletters engineered solutions deliver supreme quality and durability – wherever the sun shines. As standard, te only use the highest quality materials and go a step further than most of our competitors when it comes to corrosion protection, strength and durability that can cope in even the toughest conditions, be they extreme wind loads in hurricane areas, tremors in earthquake zones or a corrosive maritime climate.

The no holes ballast mounting system for solar

A highly sought after mounting solutions that is designed to sit on a flat surface (normally a roof) without needing to be bolted to the surface itself.

The system is designed specifically for your application taking into account various factors to ensure that it won’t get blown away and withstand any other harsh enviroments in your location.

When designing your no holes solar ballast system things like the site location, building height, distance from the closest edges of the roof are all taken into account to calculate for wind demand expectations on your precise system. This to ensure any and all wind variances have been allowed for and all this engineered to exactly how much weight needs to be placed in certain sections of the system.