About Solar Analytics

Founded in 2013, Solar Analytics has quickly grown into Australia’s largest independent solar monitoring company. Boasting a team made up of Australian Photovoltaic Engineers, Software Developers, Scientists, Solar Technicians, PhD Candidates, and Designers they design, develop and supply intelligent solar and energy monitoring solutions and are passionate about sustainable energy and and using data to increase the use of this amazing renewable resource.

Solar engineers in operations, analytics and sales teams trained at the world-leading UNSW School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering; You can count more than 100 years of solar experience between them!

Solar Analytics Product Showcase

Active monitoring

You can rely on the power of our patented algorithms to accurately detect and diagnose faults, failures or underperformance to keep your system safe and performing at its peak.

More for your money

Data in real-time: solar generation, energy use, system performance and cost savings. Get access to all your energy stats anywhere, on any device to get the most value from your system.

The results

Solar Analytics gives you the data to navigate the new energy landscape, including getting ready for battery storage, energy trading and independence.

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