About SolarEdge

Founded in 2006, Solar Edge have continued to deliver the best quality and world class smart energy products and solutions that power lives and drive future progress.

Solar Edge developed the world’s first EV charging inverter with maximization of self consumption and improvement on standard of living. Solar Edge inverters are more efficient than normal string inverters because they avoid loss of power caused by individual panel shading or malfunctioning.

Solar Edge offers a complete service from initial designs concept, sampling, manufacture to distribution and guarantee satisfaction, durability, affordability, comfortability, uniqueness, and top stylishness.

SolarEdge Product Showcase


HD-Wave technology breaks the mold of traditional inverters designed to work great with SolarEdge power optimisers providing a combination of added safety and efficency


Power management is handled separately for each solar panel by the SolarEdge power optimiser, resulting in maximum output for every panel individually.

Energy metering

Catch spikes in energy use through the SolarEdge monitoring platform and build the right system to meet your future expansions or upgrades.