About Solarwatt

“Our goal is to provide intelligent systems which let our customers declare their independence and produce, store and manage their own free solar power”. Founded over 27 years ago in 1993, today Solarwatt is the leading European manufacturer of glass-glass panels and a leading German manufacturer of photovoltaic systems. The company employs over 380 staff worldwide and is headquartered in Dresden, Germany. Importantly we have a local office in Sydney and warehouses all over Australia. Solarwatt collaborates with international organisations such as BMW, Bosch and E.ON.

Solarwatt Product Showcase

Glass-glass Technology

Solarwatt has been producing solar panels with glass-glass technology since 1998. Two 2mm thick glass panes are bonded together to protect the sensitive solar cells from any damage. Cell breakage and hotspots are prevented and we can prove a longer lifespan and better performance of Solarwatt glass-glass panels compared to glass-foil panels.

Flex Battery

In BMW we have found the perfect partner to develop and manufacture a home energy storage system using automotive cells. The Battery flex storage system allows you to consume more of the clean energy you generate yourself – in a more efficient way. This makes you even less dependent on sunlight while minimizing the amount you draw from the grid.

Made in Germany

Solarwatt supplies complete systems of premium products which are all “Made in Germany”. The production site in Dresden remains so essential for us that it is currently being expanded to meet the increasing demand. The Australian business is managed from the Sydney office. All panels are shipped from Germany to different warehouse across the country.