Australia Wide Solar has held one of WINAICO’s longest running partnerships in New South Wales, operating together since 2014.

At WINAICO our goal is to provide you with a PV system that combines excellent quality products with great value for money.

The boom of the solar industry has led to a higher demand for more research and development in the Solar Industry. WINAICO started its solar module production with the objective of quality leadership, built on the experience in semiconductor manufacturing of parent company Win Win Precision Technology

The key to WINAICO’s success begins by selecting premium components key to the long term performance of the photovoltaic module. They then develop all modules in house utilising the latest in technology. All panels then undergo strict testing beyond industry standards in their state-of-the-art testing facility.

WINAICO Product Showcase



Highly awarded and recognised as one of the top brands in Australia, WINAICO panels consistently outperform others in independent testing

WINAICO Corner Frame Patent Design

Patented Corner Design

WINAICO’s patented solid external L-key corners increase drainage preventing dirt build up on panels which can result in reduced output and lifespan.


3 in 1 Insurance Policy

Protects your investment loss from unforeseen loss due to Damage, Interuption of Service and Loss of Yield giving you complete peace of mind. 2 Years FREE!