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While some solar customers prefer to pay for a solar system out right, there are a growing number of solar system buyers who are looking for a solar finance solution. We bring finance solutions to end consumers. Maybe we can assist you as well?

The most common finance options on offer are:

Finance Lease

Finance Leasing is a common finance method used by Australian companies irrespective of size. With ongoing investment by industry in technologies that have obsolescence factors, Finance Leases are popular for plant and equipment that has a high retained value at the end of the lease term. Under a Finance Lease residual values are set in accordance with the depreciated value at the end of the lease term. Terms are available up to 5 years and longer for special projects.

Chattel Mortgage

This funding method is used by companies that prefer to amortise the principal debt over the selected term. Financing under Chattel Mortgage can also be structured with balloon payments if required. Conventional terms are up to 5 years, but can be longer in special cases.

Term Rental Finance

A large number of companies, including those in the public sector use Term Rental Finance where technology is advanced and ownership is unnecessary. This product allows for amortisation of the cost, it is flexible for upgrading and adding services, and the facility rentals are fully expensed. Obsolescence factors dictate the use of Term Rental as the customer moves to the latest available business technologies. Terms are available to 5 years and longer.

Consumer Finance Table (CAFGA)

tableNote – Table is subject to change and detail specific to the particular arrangement will be available by contacting the finance company. Contact details provided on the application forms provided above.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Approval of the application is conditional on credit checks, and is subject to the Finance Company’s standard credit criteria. The Finance Company reserves the right to decline any application. Please read all disclosure documents prior to applying. This application for finance does not take into account your specific circumstances or tax position. Further it does not take into account your specific requirements in regards to the product(s) being financed and you should consider whether the product(s) suit your needs and objectives. The Finance Company does not warrant or guarantee performance or suitability of any product(s) or related accessories purchased or leased using this facility.

Australia Wide Solar partners with CAFGA


CAFG Australease Pty Ltd is a specialist in Commercial Asset Finance and is one of Australia’s largest structured lease originators.  Through three decades of change and challenge, CAFG Australease Pty Ltd has always conducted its business with integrity and innovation.

The company began as the Associated Finance Group in 1977, added to the name in 1998 with Comlease AFG Ltd, and changed in 2004 to CAFG Australease Pty Ltd, and has become a leader in the facilitation of technology and equipment financing to both Government and corporate sectors.