We go the extra mile to make sure your solar system keeps you energy independent.

Supported installs

We back our own installs with maintenance on demand whenever needed, to keep you in good shape.

Solar stays strong

Older installs

We’ll do our best to help with legacy systems up to decades old, helping wherever possible.

Legacy system improved

Powerful backup

Australia Wide is just about unique in offering serious maintenance and back-up on any system we install.

Got you covered

Solar Dirty Panels
Clean Solar Panels
Testing Solar Voltages
Tesla Battery Testing

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We do all kinds of solar


Achieve real energy independence in your residential setting, with systems designed and built with the finest components, all engineered to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Off Grid

Bring real energy to where there is none, overcome the costs and burdens of the grid, choose a way of life that supports your energy independence and financial freedom.

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Energy Storage

Most battery and storage problems can be avoided with well-engineered design tailored to your system needs, backed by the finest technology partners.

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Tailored Solutions

There’s nothing like a system designed, engineered and installed to suit your exact needs and circumstances – then backed up with full guarantee and support.

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