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All 6kW solar panel systems produce equal amounts of electricity, NOT TRUEIts just like saying all 6 cylinder cars consume the same amount of fuel or will go the same km’s before failing….

Different panels create different levels of electricity, and last varying amounts of time. With many years of varied systems installed and repaired by Australia Wide Solar we know this first hand. Its a simple matter of you pay for what you get in most cases.

Always ask these simple questions:water damage

  1. What panels & Inverter are being used?
    • Do those companies have technical and warranty support located here in Australia?(Many Chinese companies do not)
    • Can I choose from a range of options?
    • Can I come to your showroom to see the product I am buying?
  2. What ‘Balance Of System’ (BOS) components are being used – Rails, Breakers, Cable type, Isolators, connectors, roof penetration etc….
  3. Who is installing the system, and who is ensuring the BOS components are of a high quality?
  4. Will you do a site inspection?
  5. Do you have an engineer on staff who will design the system to meet my needs?
  6. Will you service my system within its warranty?
  7. Will you service my system OUTSIDE of the warranty?

Okay so if its a Tier-1 panel then it must okay?…. Well maybe…. Major differences in quality can be found even among ‘Tier-1’ modules.
A Tier-1 classification is considered top shelf. Makers of Tier-1 panels are vertically integrated, invest heavily in research and development, use most advanced robotic processes and have been manufacturing panels for more than 5 years.
The Tier-1 space is getting rather crowded, with various manufacturers claiming the distinction. It’s reached a point that even within the class, there are wildly varying levels of quality and it seems the term “Tier-1” shouldn’t be fully relied upon in making a solar purchase decision.
Tier -1 does not promise quality or higher yields.

We often see examples of problems with ‘Tier 1’ solar products. Some examples can be found here:

  • SunEdison project under performance – SEE HERE
  • CSUN ordered to de-list from NASDAQ –  SEE HERE



What’s great about the feed-in tariff is that I can now go on holiday and my roof is still earning for me!

Solar power had been very expensive until the government more

Fraser, Balmain