Energy independence customised for you

Engineering matters

We take tailored solar seriously, using a full engineering process to design to your exact needs and budget.

Real technology people

Smooth installation

Our teams of engineers and installers work closely to ensure there are no costly false starts and refits.

Built right, first time

Fully backed up

From full product warranties from commercially credible suppliers, to fully guaranteed installation and support.

Real peace of mind

Award winning design and installation

CEC Award Winning Protoype
CEC Award Winning Progress 2

Real engineered solutions

Orica Vehicle Solar Solution
Flow Meter for Fluid Intel

It's not rocket science. But it is a science.

We use a robust process for every installation.


Our full-time, dedicated engineering team lead an independent design process that puts your budget, circumstances and outcomes squarely at the centre.

Designed for you


We leverage decades of relationship and experience with suppliers to get behind the promises and into the procurement, so that all hardware is tested, trusted and backed.

Sourced for you


Professional project management, real-time communication, plus the right experience and team to make your install on-time, fit-for purpose, and backed by guarantee.

Installed for you

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We do all kinds of solar


Achieve real energy independence in your residential setting, with systems designed and built with the finest components, all engineered to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Front-ended investment and massive medium and long-term returns on investment make solar a real competitive advantage for businesses, and assist with compliance and green ratings.

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Energy Storage

Most battery and storage problems can be avoided with well-engineered design tailored to your system needs, backed by the finest technology partners.

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Off Grid

Bring real energy to where there is none, overcome the costs and burdens of the grid, choose a way of life that supports your energy independence and financial freedom.

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