Unparalleled Design Flexibility

  • Works With ALL Inverters
  • Design with Uneven Module Strings in Parallel
  • Split Strings Across Multiple Orientations
  • Expandable Systems, Future-proof
  • Accelerate system payback
  • Maximize the power output of the array under any condition
  • Reconsider previously rejected projects because of favourable shade or orientation
  • Manage the system with module-level data to minimize operational costs and keep the system at peak performance throughout its lifetime
  • Introduce an unprecedented level of safety for new and existing PV solar installations modules

See the image below – this is an example of Tigos at work. With no Tigos these panels would average down in power to much lower yields. Tigos manage the shade  so the yields are maintained.

Tigo Working

Tigo TS4 Smart Module1

The TS4 universal junction box platform enables plug-and-play functionality to PV modules by providing a single interface for a range of different features, from safety and monitoring to optimization and longer strings.


Learn more about the TS4 platform.

Cloud Connect2

The Cloud Connect is the communication hub of the Tigo smart platform. It controls optimization, provides safety features, and enables module-level monitoring via the Tigo cloud.


Data Sheets

Tigo TS4 Data: MORE HERE


Tigo Gateway: MORE HERE (Per gateway Max 120 Panels and 15m Line of sight)

Cloud Connect Kit: MORE HERE

More on Tigo MORE HERE

Tigo photon test results: MORE HERE

The Parts Required