Whilst an unshaded ‘North Facing System’ may make you more kWh’s, Australia Wide Solar encourage you to consider why a ‘Western, Eastern or even split array is often best.East West Array

  1. Most homes use more power in the afternoon – Western systems make more power to match the afternoon loads.
  2. Most power costs are dearer in the afternoon (Time of use metering). The benefit of afternoon poweris nearly as good as the best ‘Feed In Tariffs’ ever offered.
  3. When you split a system up, for example: East & West ‘OR’ North & West, the power production is better balanced over the whole day – more usable kWh’s. This diagram shows how this works.



All this means that your solar array is far less likely to send power to the grid for little benefit. Australia Wide solar strive to design a system that will maximise your savings. Put simply we aim to produce power when you need it. 

A number of factors need to be considered when designing an Australia Wide Solar power system. It’s much better to have a smaller better quality system on the roof, than a large low quality system.

So, if your system has been installed by us, you can be confident that we have already looked at all the considerations to help get the best result out of your solar experience and most importantly, save you money.

If your system is coming of the old Gross metering next year, then it may be time to use some new roof space to split the loads with a new addition.


Solar yields are calculated using an agreed method set out by the Clean Energy Council – SEE MORE HERE


What’s great about the feed-in tariff is that I can now go on holiday and my roof is still earning for me!

Solar power had been very expensive until the government ..read more

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