All products are manufactured in Taiwan, home to the world’s leading high technology. As a subsidiary of semiconductor manufacturer Win Win Precision Technology, they have direct access to the very latest microelectronics findings. Simply rating a photovoltaic system by its purchase price is too short term a view. You need to know how long a system will last, its output – WINAICO pride them selves on yields. Read More

  • Premium quality photovoltaic modules
  • Cells are sorted by weak
  • Insight from the semiconductor industry guarantees quality
  • Low light performance testing to maximise yield
  • Above-average performance
  • Guarantee ensures high performance level in the long termWINAICO_Approved Retailer_Logo_AUS

Wind Testing

WINAICO’s high efficiency WST-260P6 modules pass 5000 Pa DML tests, performed by leading research institute ITRI, to prove the module reliability against strong winds greater than level 17 on the Beaufort scale.
WINAICO, Taiwan’s largest PV module brand, has worked with Taiwan’s leading research institute, ITRI, to put the high efficiency polycrystalline WST-260P6 modules through the toughest Dynamic Mechanical Loading test (DML) on the market, 5000 Pa. The results show that WINAICO’s WST-260P6 module can withstand the dynamic pressure of 5000 Pa with a power degradation of no more than 0.29%. This means WINAICO’s modules have the best reliability against strong winds, and can be installed in the most typhoon-prone areas around the Pacific Ocean.

The 5000 Pa DML test simulates the effects of strong winds by alternating the pressure on the module in both front and rear directions. Based on a simulation by ITRI, the 5000 Pa pressure is stronger than level 17 winds on the Beaufort scale, with wind speeds faster than 220 km/h.

“WINAICO is known for producing high quality solar modules”, said Davis Chen, Chairman and CEO of WINAICO. “By pushing the boundary of the Dynamic Mechanical Loading tests, we can combine our high efficiency modules with the best reliability on the market. The 5000 Pa DML test we passed shows our modules are suitable for even the most typhoon-prone areas around the Pacific Ocean.”

WINAICO Yield Warranty – Best in class

Unique to WINAICO is insurance cover on your purchase of a WINAICO photovoltaic module. The system includes a free two‐year insurance cover for your complete system. This policy will cover you over the first two years against any material damage, interruption of service and possible reduction in yield. READ MORE

Built toughtough

Don’t try this at home, what a demonstration to the strength of a WINAICO solar module!

Quality counts so don’t compromise


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Solar power had been very expensive until the government ..read more

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